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Indonesian palm oil waste being dumped here
Published on: Sunday, May 06, 2018

By Environmentally Concerned

SABAH Environment Action Group (S.E.A.G.) recently received a complaint about waste from the Palm Oil industry being dumped in vacant lots along the roadside at various locations in Lahad Datu.

After some initial investigation by our members, it was determined that the product is called Deoiled Spent Bleaching Earth. Bleaching Earth is typically used by the Palm Oil refineries to purify Crude Palm Oil.

SEAG was surprised to learn that this waste material is also being imported from Indonesia and we have not yet determined whether there are any approvals from our local Government agencies or Ministries allowing the importation of this waste.

As we are looking into the issue of this waste and as to whether it is being handled properly, we feel it is necessary for our State Ministries and relevant Government agencies to ensure the imported raw materials from Indonesia are handled in an environmentally sound process as opposed to being dumped in an open space as was reported to us.

Sabah also should not be the dumping ground for Indonesian Spent Bleaching Earth.

This issue also calls for the introduction of proper Solid Waste Regulations in Sabah (currently implemented in Peninsula Malaysia) which will regulate the disposal of wastes that’s not governed by the Scheduled Waste Regulation.

Environmentally Concerned

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