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StarCity mess cannot be left unresolved
Published on: Sunday, April 22, 2018

By A desperate & bankrupt buyer

I REFER to your report last week on the Star City mess and would like to comment, as a buyer myself, as follows:

We, the majority of the purchasers are hardworking people, many of whom used their life savings to invest in the project, hoping to rent out the unit, when completed, and have some rental income for our retirement.

But now our dream was dashed and we have to keep paying the bank every month.

To the developer and Board of SUDC, are your conscience not bothering you for sitting on the project for so long?

It is exactly Government-Linked Companies (GLC) like SUDC that are giving the government a bad name.

Throughout the country, GLCs are creating scandals after scandals and that explains the strong wind of change among the rakyat in the present political scenario now.

Inaction from the relevant law-enforcement agencies on these GLCs are also part of the reasons why so many voters are learning toward the opposition. If you know the right guy, if you have the position or authority, then you are immune from all kinds of action!

I really cannot understand why SUDC or the State Government is NOT taking action to rectify the Star City mess – that eye sore has been lying there since 2010!

The upfront tax due by SUDC to the Inland Revenue Board, as reported by SUDC manager in our recent AGM is nothing new. It is the result of disposal of their asset–the Star City piece of land. Everyone has to pay that tax.

In our opinion, the parent company Sedco can easily “loan” them the amount, to be paid back as soon as the complex is completed. Or they may need instruction from the Chief Minister to do so.

Hopefully through your esteemed newspaper, we will be able to convey our sincere message to the State Govt

A desperate & bankrupt buyer

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