Stop the blame game, Upko tells PBS
Published on: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: PBS can continue to attack Upko for ditching the BN to partner with the Warisan-led State Government, but the latter believes that the people will soon get fed up with it and just want to move on.Upko Secretary-General Nelson Angang said the people want to see what the new state leadership has to offer while at the same time expect the losers in the 14th general election to play their role as an effective opposition.

"Upko understands very well the reality that there exist the perception that the party supposedly have betrayed the trust of our voters when we decided to quit BN and formed a coalition government with Warisan, DAP and PKR.

"Equally we also know that there are many of those who appreciated the decision we have taken and believed that we had given an opportunity for the people to have a new beginning.

"We can continue this debate with PBS. They will have their say and we will have our say but to no end. And PBS can and will (I count on it) continue with their blame game, pointing their fingers at Upko for everything every time they face a reality check of their current situation," he said in a statement.

He believed that the people are fed up with the continuing mudsling since the GE14 about months ago.

"They hope for something new and different from their politicians rather than being inundate with brickbats thrown at each other. They want to see real leadership who understands that the priority now is about understanding what the people need and for the new government to deliver.

"They also want an effective opposition who will debate about policies, good governance and accountability in ensuring that the current government deliver their promises," he said, adding that since day one of this new government, Upko leaders have been working hard supporting the new administration and playing their part.

He believed that albeit the fact that the people of Sabah feels strongly that the natives of Sabah and Sabahans in general ought to be given the opportunity to helm important posts in the government as part of that special rights and privileges upheld in the Malaysian Agreement 1963, above all else they would want the right and capable people to be appointed and entrusted with such responsibilities.

"It has only been six months. Surely all those who had been appointed need to be given time to prove their worth. Don't be too short-sighted to only think that the struggle towards the rights of our people is only limited and constrained to putting them into important posts within the government," said Nelson.

He pointed out that it is immature of some political leaders to relate an election for the post of the Deputy President of KDCA to support their claims and imply that the KDM community does not support Upko.

"Please be reminded that a respected cultural association such as KDCA should never be used as a platform for political mileage or leverage.

"Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau (Upko President) made the decision to stand for post of the Deputy President of KDCA with full knowledge that some of the other leaders in KDCA are from different political alignment.

"Irrespective of this pertinent fact, it did not however stop him from offering himself for the post because indeed ones political agenda must not be a consideration for any members of KDCA to offer themselves to serve and contribute to KDCA in promoting the culture of the Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus and all the other native races in Sabah.

"KDCA is about promoting unity and preserving our culture regardless of one's political affiliation. The institution of the Huguon Siou must and should always remain sacred and apolitical," he said.

Nelson expressed confidence that after six months into the new government, the people would want to move forward.

"I do find the challenge by an opposition leader demanding for our elected representative to resign and to get a fresh mandate is preposterous.

"This leader would rather indulge in more wastage of public funds and resources just to get a 'one up' for his ego knowing full well that this 'challenge' is not allowed under the law.

"I would hope that any legislator would be aware that if an elected representative resigns, he or she is barred from running from office again for five years," he said.

He added that politicians should stop making such impractical challenges but instead be rest assured that the opportunity will come again for the people to choose in the next general election.

"I would suggest for all aspiring politicians to better spend their time laying down their ground work to woo back their grass roots than to dwell on merry go round rhetoric," he said.

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