Help us get OC, condo buyers urge govt
Published on: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Some 500 buyers of units at Gardens Bundusan urged the State Government to intervene to assist them to solve their problem of getting the Occupation Certificate (OC) and access road to their property. Group spokesman Eppe Charles Constantine said owners of the project developed by Marvelgold Development Sdn Bhd@ SC Land have suffered too long over the OC problem and are the victims of irresponsible parties in the past.

"Marvelgold Development as the developer of the Gardens claimed to develop and construct the Gardens in accordance with plans duly approved by all the relevant local and state authorities, including the Land & Surveys Department, JKR, Penampang District Council, Town & Country Planning Department and the Local Government Minstry, particularly the housing department and the house controller.

"Without such approved plans, construction could not have even started.

The developer had completed the construction and their architect had issued the certificate of practical completion and, therefore, had been applying for the Occupation Certificate since Nov 2016.

Eppe said there is also dispute over the access road leading to the Gardens development.

"We as the buyers would like to see all relevant parties discuss amicably the road matters with the presence of the Housing Controller and Penampang District Council.

He said with the change in the Federal Government and the State Government which is committed to uphold the Rule of Law and justice for the people as proclaimed by the Prime Minister, they appealed to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal and Penampang MP Darell Leiking to end their predicament.

"We are seeking your intervention on the prolonged OC matter that causes us distress in our lives.

"We hope the new District Officer of Penampang can expedite the obtaining OC approval considering that the 500 buyers have been waiting for more than 18 months. We understand there is protocol and procedures and we abide by the law.

He said if the requirements of obtaining the OC is to be through Taman Mahkota, then Marvelgold Development as the developer must fulfil the requirements and cooperate with City Hall to ensure the road completion within the stipulated time.

"In the meantime, we also suggest that the Marvelgold Development's appointed architect amend the Development Plan to include the Taman Formosa Road Reserve as access in order to get temporary road access in order to obtain the OC. We hope both roads may be utilised to ease the anticipated traffic congestion.

"We suggest that Marvelgold Development approach the neighbouring developer to hold a discussion about obtaining temporary access through Taman Formosa, concurrently with the construction of the access through Taman Mahkota. If all the matters materialise, the developer's application for OC can be granted.

Eppe said the previous local government and the housing controller under the BN ruling have also stood as unconcerned bystanders.

"We have gone to the press on several occasions in the past to make our grievances and sufferings known but the former BN government and local authorities ignored us. Only Penampang MP Darell Leiking and Kepayan Warisan Chief, Pritchard Gumbaris did lend their assistance to talk to the authorities. We have suffered more than 18 months to date as these matters remain unresolved.

"We have emptied our savings to buy the condominium as a home for our children and we have borrowed loans from banks and have been paying the instalments and interest and still we cannot move into our condominium.

"This is our last resort to appeal to the new government to help us, if not, many of us will be in danger of default in our bank loan or go bankrupt. We have been suffering much injustice without anyone daring to give us a helping hand under the former BN government." - Neil Chan


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