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PPBM's Saiful reminds Bung about his obligations to policies
Published on: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kuala Lumpur: Latching on to the surfeit of sexual terms in an open letter from Kinabatangan MP Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin, PPBM's Wan Saiful Wan Jan reminded the Sabah lawmaker, Tuesday, about his obligation to policies on his state and constituency.While claiming he could not decipher most of Bung's letter to him, Wan Saiful said the use of sexual innuendoes indicated a remarkable fixation with the topics of sex and love.

"I am intrigued that out of the blue YB Bung Moktar brought up the issue of 'unprotected sexual intercourse' when I was really talking about the need to inject class and intellect to public policy debates.

"Bung Moktar claims that he enjoys obsessive 'love' from his supporters. I may be less experienced about unprotected sex than him, but I suggest that he returns his supporters' love by championing the rights of Sabahans rather than thinking about unprotected sexual intercourse," the party's deputy chairman for strategy and policy said in a statement.

In his letter, Bung Moktar attempted to explain his controversial remark in Parliament that the country's rate of obesity and obesity-related diseases was an indicator of Malaysia's prosperity.

While acknowledging that obesity, high-blood pressure and heart disease were prevalent diseases in the country, Bung said they were not infectious and "cannot even be spread by unprotected sexual intercourse".

Wan Saiful was among political rivals who criticised Bung for the initial link between obesity and prosperity.


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