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Anak Negeri denies allegations of funding by Umno
Published on: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ranau: Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (Pan) is not a political vehicle of Umno to split opposition votes in the coming 14th general election (GE14), said its President Datuk Hendrynus Amin.He said its founding leaders did not receive any financial funding from Umno to set up the KDM Momogun party in Sabah about a year ago.

"Myself and our dedicated leaders categorically deny any insinuations that Parti Anak Negeri is being used by Umno to split opposition votes and received money from Umno to start our party," he said.

In a statement released following a walkabout here, he expressed regret over the malicious rumours being circulated accusing him of being funded by Umno and challenged those behind the rumours to go public.

"I need tangible reports of such allegations made in speeches, newspaper reports, WhatsApp and Facebook to justify a police report and legal action against those making those allegations," he said.

Henrynus said he was shocked when a senior church pastor told him recently that he was not trusted by some people, perhaps due to the allegations.

"I also received information from a friend, who is a senior KDM Momogun opposition leader, who said rumours are circulating that Anak Negeri is being funded by Umno," he claimed.

"Let me clarify that Anak Negeri did not and has not received any money, even a single cent, from outside the party, let alone from Umno or Barisan Nacional (BN)."

It would be interesting, said Hendrynus, if someone were to show tangible proof of the so-called Umno money given to me or at least make a public accusation against me to enable me to take the necessary legal action to clear my name.

"We started Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri with no budget as we simply hold ourselves to be collectively responsible on finances. Some leaders have since sold personal assets to help the party.

In fact, all our potential candidates have been funding their party activities using their very limited personal resources," said Hendrynus.

He said Anak Negeri was proud that the party has many dedicated volunteers and managed to survive for one year, operating at the various levels, largely through the efforts of dedicated political leaders who make sacrifices in terms of time, talents, physical efforts and money.

Meanwhile, Hendrynus said his party agreed with Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) headed by Datuk Wilfred Bumburing that if there were to be a political pact among the opposition parties, not one party in Sabah should dominate to contest more than 50pc of the state seats.

He said the 40:60 Pakatan Harapan-Warisan seat sharing formula is basically similar to the BN tactic of "divide and rule" to render the KDM Momogun community disunited, weak and powerless.

Hence, he warned that any attempt by PH and Warisan to ignore or belittle the role and resolve of small KDM Momogun opposition parties like PCS and Anak Negeri to support regime change will backfire on them and the overall opposition agenda in Sabah.

"PH or Warisan, the best chance to topple BN in Sabah is by working closely with opposition KDM Momogun based political parties."

"Regardless of PH or Warisan's act or intent, Anak Negeri will surely find and fight its way to the general election," assured Hendrynus. - Nikko Fabian


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