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Toddler drowns in Liwagu River
Published on: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ranau: A year-old who was reported missing by her parents was found drowned in a river near her family home, here, Monday.

Ranau Fire and Rescue Department Chief Jimmy Lagung said the incident occurred in a housing area near the Ranau Water Department Treatment Plant, 1km from the Fire Station, at around 10am.

"We received a distress call informing that Adriellabetti Sfanis Maing was missing from her home and rushed a team of 10 personnel with assistance from the Malaysian Civil Defence Department (APM) to the scene.

"The team carried out a search and rescue operation in the Liwagu River, lasting nearly four hours and stretching over three kilometres downstream.

"At about 1.48pm, one of our personnel found the body of the child about 500 metres from her home, stuck between two boulders in the river," he said.

Jimmy said the body was handed over to the police, who confirmed that the victim had died from drowning.

He advised people in the district, especially parents, to keep their eyes on children who are prone to go swimming, especially in the current hot weather.

"We want to prevent similar incidents from happening so children must be looked after at all times and not let loose, especially in areas that have high safety risks. This is also a reminder to teenagers and adults as we must prioritise safety at all times," he said. - Clarence George Dol

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